George Moss, son of a coal miner, and youngest of eight children, learned early in life the importance of sharing. Exposure to the Gospel at his hometown Baptist church, and the example of all his brothers and sisters resulted in George committing his life to the Lord Jesus at the age of twelve.


Throughout elementary and high school, George participated in Christian groups and church. A graduate of West Virginia State College, George was active in a variety of campus organizations, in which his Christian character had a positive effect. George was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Biblical Counseling from United Graduate College and Seminary in May, 2010.

An Army Career and Marriage

Following college, George entered the United States Army as a second Lieutenant. Soon he was promoted to First Lieutenant and became the company commander. While stationed at Sandia Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico, he met Laura and within a year they married. George was promoted to Major during this time.

The Holy Spirit and Miracles

George was filled with the Holy Spirit while stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia. Miracles began to happen in the Moss family. Laura was healed of endometriosis and fibroid tumor. This healing enable her to have children and God blessed George and Laura with three sons: Michael, Andrew, and Joel.

God's Love Guides

George found that God's love served as his guide during the time he spent as Race Relations Equal Opportunity Officer at Fort Benning. With the country and military both torn apart by hatred and rioting, the Lord gave George a special anointing to bring peace to volatile situations. he created written guidelines to assist others in dealing with similar problems. George served the United States with a faithful and honorable, seventeen-year career in the Army, stationed both in the U.S. and in several foreign countries.

More Schooling

George furthered his education by taking graduate courses at Georgia State University. Later, he earned a Master of Science degree in guidance and counseling from Troy State University. He also did some post-graduate work at San Francisco State University.

The Calling and the Ministry

His military career completed, George moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he attended and graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center. this opened the door of ministry to which he felt called by the Lord. After joining Grace Fellowship, George immediately began to assist the pastor, Phil Johnson. As George was faithful and operated in godly love and compassion, he became a part-time staff member in personal counseling as well as assisting the pastor and his staff.

In 1979, Dr. Ken Stewart became pastor of Grace Fellowship and George was promoted to full-time Associate Pastor. Following Dr. Stewart's term as pastor, Bob Yandian became the pastor and George continued to serve as Associate Pastor for four years, gaining invaluable experience in management, teaching and counseling.

Equipped and Traveling

Following his years as Associate Pastor, George established his traveling ministry. Operating in the ministry, he has seen the Lord do mighty things through this new calling. He has learned that whom the Lord calls, he also equips.

Today, he continues his outreach with emphasis on stimulating growth in believers, helping them recognize the gifts of the Spirit within themselves, and gaining new confidence toward God.

Churches of many denominations, from Baptist to Methodist, from Pentecostal Holiness to Assembly of God, as well as Faith and Charismatic churches has been blessed by the Ministry of George Moss. As the Spirit and the Word work together through him, many have been saved, healed, and set free. He speaks frequently, covering such topics as pastoral care, counseling, staff unity, and other Holy Spirit directed teachings. To date George's ministry has taken him to Guatemala, Honduras, Africa, Canada, Europe, India, the Phillipines and throughout the United States.